Today I practice . . . Strength with kindness.

It has been a week. I’m tired after migraines (ah dark circles), surgery on my arm (the red swollen stitched area), and difficulty sleeping due to pain. I arrived on my mat with no plan other than to move, to feel strong and practice kindness. I can’t stretch my forearm or lift anything heavy for the next few days so being kind and creative in my yoga was key. Letting go of any expectations, tuning in to what felt right in the moment. Some movement, a lot of breath work (pranayama) and meditation. It’s not just physical strength, it’s practicing emotional and mental strength. Build strength and resilience in opportunities when they arise.

Self kindness is not always easy for me, and is still challenging at times. In fact I was my own worst enemy, always putting myself down, belittling, feeling less than. I’ve spent the last 5 years working on shadow and acceptance and inner critic, very much sparked by my wonderful teachers during coach training @new_ventures_west I practice these tools and share them every day.

We all have challenges, tough times, a story. What can you practice in these moments to thrive? Kindness, rest, releasing judgment, not taking ourselves too seriously, thoughtfulness, forgiveness . . .

What are you practicing today?



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