Health Promotion & Workplace Wellness

Bring a thriving mindset into your company by including a tailored program to meet your employees’ needs. Programs use assessments and facilitation to identify opportunities and gaps, education to increase knowledge and skills, and coaching to target individual goals and behavior change.

As someone who has strategized, planned and delivered corporate wellbeing programs within a large organization, I have seen, and experienced, firsthand the positive impact of these initiatives on employee health, retention and recruitment. As an engaged and dynamic health promotion professional with over 5 years of experience in corporate wellness driving strategy—and 16 years in a large government agency—I’ve built coalitions, developed programs and curriculum, and woven key messages into communications plans and existing training courses.

My ability to work across groups, to understand challenges, pain points, and opportunities, enables me to tailor programs for individuals, teams and organizations. I have honed my skills for well over a decade by successfully working a range of specialties from facilitation and instruction, to consultation and coaching, to strategic planning, and building programs and scaling them for a large workforce. Programs on nutrition, mindfulness, movement, purpose, as well as specialized session for the individual and the team are just a few of my areas of focus. A few of the programs I’ve created:

  • Mindfulness Through Breath and Movement
  • Thrive: Optimal Performance Through Nutrition
  • MindFit: Building Resilience in Our Time
  • Individual and Team Facilitated Sessions: Empowering Employee Work Processes for Wellbeing
  • Listening Tours: Empowering Leaders and the Workforce to Create Change
  • Meditation instructor training for the workplace to develop and sustain internal cadre leading 30 min mediation sessions

This field is more than a job, it is my purpose. I have spent the last decade studying and seeking learning opportunities to help me work with the whole individual. Whether I am leveraging my MS in Health Promotion, my certifications as a yoga instructor, coach, personal trainer, or mindfulness instructor, or sharing my personal story of overcoming a debilitating chronic health condition, I believe in the power of this work and ability to positively impact peoples’ lives.

Contact me to discuss options for your organization. See my full LinkedIn profile here.

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