The Bridge

Yoga, endurance, strength, release.

The Bridge with Karen Andujar (trademark pending) is a movement class combining Karen’s studies, practices and teaching of yoga, mindfulness, personal training and coaching. We will center and warm-up through yoga postures then move into intervals of continuous movement (repeated actions) to increase heart rate, build stabilization, strength, and endurance–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We will include things like jumping jacks, but variations are offered for less impact. There will be opportunities to use light hand weights or resistance bands, if desired. We will cycle through three blocks that include total body, upper body, lower body and core focused movements. Blocks will be linked through yoga postures. We will close this active class with floor based stretches, a body scan and meditation to integrate the mind, body and breath. 

Expect to work, to sweat, to feel.

Clear your body. Clear your mind. Feel your heart. Try something new!

Interested in bringing The Bridge with Karen Andujar to your studio or gym? Let’s connect!

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