Tuesday was one of those days, and this was the mantra that served.

I woke up not wanting to face the world, the tasks, projects and to-do’s on my plate. I felt low and detached. I wanted to hibernate under the covers, in a cave of my making, cuddling with my pup. It was one of those days.

Before my feet touched the floor I began to breathe in and out with awareness. Repeating “presence” on my inhale and “expectation” on my exhale. Over and over. Be in the moment, each as it comes, as it is. Let go of expectations of those moments. Let each simply be. One foot in front of the other, one moment, one task at a time.

Grateful that those sweet pauses and remembrances allowed me to hold space for a colleague who is struggling, who needed to be heard, who needed some compassion. Was it a perfect day, far from it, but sometimes one foot in front of the other is exactly enough.

Today I am in physical pain. A back that is not allowing me to find any comfort or sleep. My movements stilted, a radiating reminder of momentary limitations. This day is not going as planned. Breathe in, presence. Breathe out, expectation. I explore the physical sensation of pain and find humility; I let go of what this day was supposed to be.

Knowing today’s intended workout is off the table, what can I influence? How can we show up with what is here now? How can we flow with, rather than against pain (of any kind)? What can we choose? I choose to fuel this body with whole, nutrient dense food that will help decrease inflammation. I choose yoga nidra to relax the body and the mind. I chose to read notes and books preparing for a teaching engagement next week. I choose to come back to my purpose, find acceptance in the moment and let go of attachment for what I cannot do today. I choose, and that IS in my power.


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