I’ve been thinking a lot about “health” and what a loaded term this can be. This view is what I saw when opening my eyes after savasana today, at home nursing migraine pain and all it’s accompanied joys. Health feels a little more elusive in this moment.

Health is something personal but also ranges on the spectrum to commercial. We have images in our minds of what it means, what health looks like—magazines, TV, social media, someone from our lives, maybe it’s is our cholesterol or blood sugar numbers, maybe it’s skillfully working with depression—our health can feel very different for each of us. There is physical health, emotional health, mental and spiritual health—all working together and impacting each other. For years I felt like I was a failure, as if I was self-sabotaging, when 2 or 3 of these areas were moving in the right direction, yet I couldn’t seem to make the “right” choices in the others. In my 42 years what I have learned is that it is more about harmony than balance. It’s more about a larger guiding purpose that gets us back on track when inevitable setbacks arise. It’s about building habits during good times that can support us when things are hard. And yes, we can build physical habits and emotional, and mental and spiritual habits. There are times in our lives when one aspect of health requires a little more care, attention and compassion. Give yourself permission and know there isn’t one perfect way to find health. Ask yourself, what does health really mean to you? Get curious, explore. How do you support your health? How is that working for you? Are you reaching your goals? It’s time to find your harmony and show up for you.


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