“Beginning well or beginning poorly, what is important is simply to begin. . . . It is always hard to believe that the courageous step is so close to us, that it is closer than we ever could imagine, that in fact, we already know what it is, and that step is simpler, more radical than we had thought”— David Whyte

A month into my new day job as a well-being SME and educator, I was not planning on the additional act of launching a yoga platform, but life rarely unfolds as we expect. The draw to—and possibility of—uniting a community proved too great to ignore. I’m creating something new while honoring what has come before with reverence. This experiment comes with excitement, fear, curiosity, wonder, and a simple trust to listen, lean on my years of experience, and take the next step.

An unfolding takes time and is a mix of thought and action. This space will continue to evolve as I flex with new opportunities and find my rhythm. Please visit TheWarriorWithin.net to link to a current schedule including Slow Flow, Hatha, and Strength & Balance; learn more about upcoming offerings, new faces joining our collective, and stay connected with community. Thank you so much for your support!

The Benefit of Gratitude:

A dose of gratitude during a tumultuous time can support your health and well-being. In fact, gratitude has been shown to reduce stress and enhance your immune system. Gratitude helps keep things in perspective, keeps you grounded, and is a reminder of all the positives that ARE present in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Cultivate awareness of the small things around you that make you happy and fulfilled, and take a moment to breathe them in. Practicing gratitude for life’s small pleasures is a great way to de-stress, refocus, and rejuvenate.

Action: Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and shift your mindset to the positive aspects of your life–your friends, family, community, and passions.


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