This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot the last few weeks. When life throws you opportunities for perspective, for reflection and introspection, things that seemed important and vital lose their grip. It’s healthy to pause and reassess, re-calibrate to ask if HOW we are living measures up to WHY we are living. There are also moments where we can become overwhelmed and nothing seems important.

I’ve felt this way about school especially these days. “Balancing” grief and heavy demands at work got me thinking, is any of this worth it? Why am I doing this?

Today steeped deep into completing an assignment, and after a heavy lift Friday at work, I had this moment when I realized just how much I’ve learned this semester. How I’ve developed strategies and methodologies to create health promotion and wellness programs for groups and organizations that will allow me to serve others in their quest for wellbeing and a full life. I realized just how excited I am about the 12-week yoga program I’ve created for women veterans that I’m hoping to manifest in the real world. I acknowledged how every single nugget of wisdom has directly translated to advancing well-being for colleagues and friends.

It’s messy and confusing and feels disconnected at times, but I trust my path, even when it is veiled behind life’s difficulties, especially behind those challenges.

What worth have you rediscovered?


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