Today I practice . . . Grief. Though it is filling more than just one day. I was hesitant to post anything on this, but it is where I am, so here I am. Last weekend a member of our family passed, and while the details do not need to be shared here, the sadness for the immediate and extended family, friends, my husband and my own is real. An avalanche of loss has settled in and unearthed a mourning that has been building—for everything—for more than a year.

I choose to raise this, not for me, but as a space for ALL who are processing grief and loss in these times. So many are walking this path right now for so many different reasons. For family, for jobs, for things that were steady only to be gone. All of it. All of us.

There is no perfect way through, just one messy, unsteady step at a time—feeling it, being with it, leaning on friends, asking for help, practicing self-care. So, let’s be kind, to each other and to ourselves, and remember that we are not alone.


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